A unique challenge among our projects, our team was presented with the exciting task of unifying multiple buildings on a manufacturing campus in Clearfield, Utah. These buildings were occupied by a significant government manufacturing company, and the existing facade of the campus featured a diverse array of exterior elements, necessitating a design solution that would simplify and unify the appearance while also establishing a distinct brand identity for the tenant. Along with these initial goals we also aimed to position the buildings as a cohesive and marketable campus for future marketing and brokering endeavors.

Approaching the design holistically, we carefully analyzed the existing architectural elements to inform our ultimate striping scheme. Our goal was to create a language of horizontal banding and color blocking that would serve as the architectural facade language for the entire campus. By implementing this cohesive approach, we sought to bring visual cohesion to the diverse buildings, effectively unifying them under a singular aesthetic vision.

To ensure the longevity and durability of the project, we worked closely with the Sherwin Williams team. By collaborating with industry experts, we were able to identify high-quality products and coatings that would not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide long-lasting protection against the elements. This emphasis on quality and durability not only added value to the project but also presented a significant cost-saving opportunity for the landlord, as the use of reliable products reduced the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

The unified facade design and strategic color scheme were carefully considered not only to enhance the immediate visual impact but also to establish a recognizable brand identity for the tenant. By creating a cohesive and distinct architectural language, we provided the manufacturing campus with a strong and memorable presence. This branding effort aimed to establish a lasting impression on visitors and potential clients, reinforcing the company's professionalism.

Project No: 1916

Client: Nearon Enterprises

Completed: 2021

Budget: $55,000

Size: Facade Renovation

Architect: mow

Interiors: None

Manage: mow

Construction: Sherwin Williams

Elec: None

Mech: None

Struc: None

Furniture: None

Art / Brand: None

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