Cimmaron Healthcare presented our team with an exciting opportunity—to design an office space that strikes a balance between work, life, and play. As an investment company that had relocated its offices near Little Cottonwood Canyon, they sought an environment that would reflect their ethos while embracing the outdoor recreational opportunities offered by the area.

Understanding the significance of Cimmaron Healthcare's connection to nature and outdoor activities, we aimed to create a workspace that seamlessly integrated elements of work, leisure, and personal well-being. This involved incorporating amenities that catered to their employees' active lifestyles, such as ski lockers, golf bag storage areas, a fitness room, and showers. Providing these facilities within the workspace helped to enhance the overall employee experience and promote a sense of holistic well-being.

Throughout the project, we developed a dynamic process that evolved alongside the shifting priorities of the ownership team. This flexibility allowed us to adapt and fine-tune our designs to meet their changing needs, resulting in a final product that perfectly aligned with their vision.

The success of this project was greatly facilitated by our existing relationship with the general contractor, New Concepts, and the landlord. Our collaborative efforts and shared commitment to the final outcome enabled us to overcome challenges such as product discontinuations, shortages, and the ever-evolving construction market. Together, we navigated these obstacles with agility, ensuring that the final space would show no trace of the frustrating hurdles so present in the industry at the time, providing a phenomenal working environment for the Cimmaron team.

The inclusion of ski lockers and golf bag storage areas acknowledges the importance of these activities in the lives of the employees. Furthermore, the fitness room and showers encourage physical well-being and allow employees to maintain an active lifestyle. The availability of these amenities within the office eliminates barriers to exercise, making it easier for individuals to prioritize their health during the workday.

Project No: 2071

Client: Darren & Shilane Mansell

Completed: 2023

Budget: 2,100,000

Size: 5,500 SF

Architect: mow

Interiors: mow and Breanna Mansell

Manage: none

Construction: Ace Builders

Elec: RMCE

Mech: Shakespeare Mechanical

Struc: Ensign Engineering

Furniture: By Owner

Art / Brand: None

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