In a fast-growing corner of northern Utah, as the slope of the foothills flatten out to stretch towards the Great Salt Lake, the expressive structure of the Davis Park Golf Driving Range stands as a temple for outdoor leisure. The elegant pavilion boasts a minimal footprint, inviting enthusiasts to refine their swings face-to-face with the panoramic splendor of the surrounding Wasatch Front mountains.

Our process for this new build mirrored our customary approach to design interventions, including a close and sensitive study of the existing site and greater context. Exploring a wide variety of concepts, we methodically chiseled away until innovative, aesthetically pleasing solutions emerged for each challenge presented. Our design team aimed for a small footprint with an eye-catching form, looking to add to the landscape without causing a negative impact on the ecosystem.

The pavilion's structure is formed of exposed steel beams, concrete masonry unit blocks, and stretches of honey-hued marine-grade plywood. These industrial elements counterbalance the pavilion's angular, contemporary shape, creating a uniquely stylish and functional space.

The thin sloped roof stretches from the sturdy core of the pavilion, infusing it with a sense of drama and flair. This not only lends an eye-catching visual dimension but also ensures the pavilion's adaptability across all seasons, despite being open on three sides. The core houses storage for golf clubs and other accessories, and ample space for people to gather.

The driving range assumes a pivotal role in expanding recreational opportunities within its burgeoning community. It opens the sport up to a wider group of users than a sprawling, traditional golf course would, and provides a low-commitment way for families to become introduced to golf.

We’re proud of the way the driving range has continued to add to its surroundings. The deliberate integration of the architectural elements with the natural landscape underscores a symbiotic relationship, while the compact footprint serves as a catalyst for sustainable growth and equilibrium.

Project No: 2115

Client: Davis County

Completed: 2023

Budget: $1,300,000

Size: 21,000 SF

Architect: mow

Interiors: mow

Manage: mow

Elec: Rocky Mountain Consultants

Mech: WHW Engineering

Struc: MJ Structural

Construction: Jardine Malaska Construction

Furniture: None

Art / Brand: None

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