Atop TheMorton Apartments, adding on to the growing list of updated tenant amenities, the newly unveiled clubhouse space commands a wide panoramic view sweeping across Salt Lake City's downtown. Our mission was a commitment to rework a conventional and segmented clubhouse, gym, and yoga studio into an expansive gathering room aligned with the urban luxury found throughout the building and cityscape.

Design tricks highlight the abundance of space and light within. The process began by deconstructing the interior walls, giving rise to an open floor plan that allows the space to inhabit extended visual space in every direction. Vertical lines became a theme, found in wood slat details, towering windows, a central fireplace core, and a distinctive couch, not only emphasizing the clubhouse's lofty perch but also infusing the space with a sense of height and openness.

Anchored by carefully chosen statement pieces, the penthouse unfolds into a variety of separated seating areas, the boundaries of which can easily be blurred to accommodate both larger gatherings and intimate moments. Aesthetically, we aimed to emulate the upscale but welcoming atmosphere of a hotel bar or lounge.

In deliberate contrast to the stark white canvas of the original, more modestly sized clubhouse, our goal was to curate richness through the use of layered texture, color, and material selection. Updating existing features that were in good shape, like re-felting the existing pool table and making use of old plants, allowed us to allocate larger chunks of the budget towards large, statement pieces that would have a big impact. Notable among them is the vertically ribbed dark teal velvet s-shaped sofa, a core element that acts as an anchor, justifying its investment.

Our approach was guided by a commitment to simplicity over excess, allowing the subtle characteristics of each individual material to guide the user’s impression. Each component was curated to heighten extended views and create a powerful yet understated visual narrative. The penthouse effortlessly serves as a support for the elevated urban lifestyle of downtown Salt Lake City, encouraging tenants to gather, unwind, and build connections with one another.


Project No: 2216

Client: Nearon Enterprises

Completed: 2023

Budget: $160,000

Size: 3,500 SF


Project No: 2217

Client: Nearon Enterprises

Completed: 2023

Budget: $220,000

Size: 6,000 SF

Architect: mow

Interiors: mow

Manage: Greystar Management

Elec: Rocky Mountain Consultants

Mech: WHW Engineering

Struc: BHB Engineering

Construction: New Concepts Construction

Furniture: Interior Solutions

Art / Brand: Interior Solutions

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