Collaborating with the CBRE team on the remodel of the historic Salt Lake Hardware Building was a real passion project for our team. From the outset, we recognized the importance of preserving and celebrating the building's rich history and industrial character. The Salt Lake Hardware Building carries a unique charm with its heavy timber structures and exposed masonry, and we were determined to design a space that respected these features while enhancing them and adding an updated atmosphere.

The design process was a meticulous endeavor, as we wanted to strike the perfect balance between preserving the rough edges and raw beauty of the building's architecture while incorporating elements that would elevate the overall aesthetic. Our team delved deep into research, examining historical photographs and architectural plans, in order to develop a design that paid homage to the building's past while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary appeal.

In our process, we recognize the importance of long-term viability and flexibility. To ensure the longevity of the remodel, our team collaborated closely with the building maintenance and management team. Together, we meticulously selected furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to withstand the test of time. By future-proofing the FF&E selections, we ensured maximum adaptability and versatility for the evolving needs of the building's occupants.

Another key consideration in the project was the ability to accommodate various events and configurations. Understanding the significance of the main level and third level atrium and lobby spaces as gathering areas, we designed the layout and furnishings with multiple event scenarios in mind. This foresight enabled the spaces to seamlessly transform and adapt to different functions, whether it be a corporate event, a networking session, or a casual gathering.

The collaboration between our team, CBRE, and the building maintenance and management team was integral to the success of the project. By working closely together, we were able to bring our collective expertise to the table and deliver a remodel that ensures the ability of this historic building to continue its active presence in the architectural landscape of the city.

Project No: 2025

Client: KBS, Inc

Completed: 2021

Budget: $1,100,000

Size: 25,500 SF

Architect: Gensler

Interiors: mow

Manage: CBRE Management

Construction: DAW, Inc

Elec: None

Mech: None

Struc: None

Furniture: Interior Solutions

Art / Brand: None

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