Anytime tradition and innovation intermingle creativity is nurtured, and nowhere is this interaction more clearly successful than in Chicago. Our clients came to us looking to bring their workspace into stride with the ceaseless energy of the city, coming off of the heels of the work-from-home mandate that changed our world of work forever.

They were looking to welcome their teams back when shifting to a hybrid work format, bringing the best of both remote work and traditional office work into their space. They also wanted the ability to welcome their steady stream of guests who visit from out-of-town, meaning they needed comfort, style, and hospitality rolled into one. We joined this project into an already established team, stepping into the role of the design pros needed to take the practical moves of this tenant improvement to the next level.

Upon entering, guests and employees move through a polished glass entrance that frames the reception area. A graceful reception desk is shaped in rich wood, highlighted by a cool white surface that wraps around the edge. Adjacent to it, a thoughtfully arranged seating area creates a powerful first impression, showing guests the level at which the company values their visitors, immersing them in their world of art and beauty.

Moving further into the space, we made room for three distinct conference rooms that cater to every need of the company. While visually harmonious, each room possesses its own unique personality, fostering a consistent flow of progress and accomplishment within their walls.

The heart of collaborative synergy resides in the open-office area, where clever furniture configurations empower collaboration and unleash the spirit of creative thinking. Rows of computer stations, purposefully arranged to facilitate deep focus, are flanked by communal tables adorned with tools for dynamic group brainstorming and collective ideation.

Throughout the suite, finishes were carefully selected to evoke a sense of timelessness. Personality found expression through statement wallpapers and eye-catching shelving, enabling employees to personalize their surroundings over time, tailoring the space to their individual needs and tastes.

Project No: 2143

Client: R1 RCM

Completed: 2021

Budget: $2,000,000

Size: 17,000 SF

Architect: mow

Interiors: mow

Manage: JLL

Elec: Design-Build


Struc: None

Construction: DW Hammer

Furniture: American Interiors

Art / Brand: None

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