Working with OptConnect on their new headquarters was an absolute delight, as we enthusiastically joined their working group to address immediate budget concerns. It became evident that their leasing budget had been in-accurately estimated, resulting in a significant shortfall of approximately 25%. With a sense of urgency, we dove headfirst into the challenge of helping them regain control of their budget.

Despite the constraints imposed by the pre-determined design mandated by the landlord, we relentlessly sought unique and creative solutions to meet the budgetary limitations. It required constant adjustments and tweaking, but our team remained dedicated to our aesthetic standards in order to deliver on a space that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

The project became a labor of love, as OptConnect poured their heart and soul into the endeavor. Through a shared dedication and perseverance we formed genuine friendships and connections, fostering a sense of camaraderie throughout the intense design-build process.

The astounding transformation of the office space shows the strength of that camaraderie. From its initial state of darkness, we successfully ushered in an atmosphere filled with an abundance of natural light. The interior design incorporated branded elements throughout, imbuing the space with OptConnect's unique identity. To further enhance the overall aesthetic, we implemented a tech-style graphic theme that brought a sense of modernity and dynamism to the environment.

Furniture choice played a role in enhancing the brand identity in the space, mainly featuring sleek, well-designed pieces that don’t skimp on comfort. Each piece adds to the friendly, welcoming atmosphere that we were looking to curate, while upholding a high level of contemporary style.

The success of the project was not solely measured by the final result but also by the relationships forged along the way. The bonds formed with the OptConnect team became a testament to the shared commitment and collaborative spirit that permeated every aspect of the design-build process. It is these connections that make projects like OptConnect truly memorable and meaningful.

Project No: 2002

Client: OptConnect

Completed: 2021

Budget: $1,300,000

Size: 13,400 SF

Architect: Sam Brady Architects

Interiors: mow

Manage: mow

Construction: Bonneville Builders

Elec: PVE Electrical

Mech: David L. Jensen & Assoc.

Struc: None

Furniture: mow

Art / Brand: OptConnect

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