Our work in the design of Neighborhood Hive was a labor of love for our community. It gave us the chance to imagine a home for some of our favorite local businesses, while putting together a space for community interaction. Serving as a marketplace, cafe, and production space for a handful of businesses, this project allowed us to use an unconventional design process in order to achieve a wonderful unconventional marketplace.

Stepping into this bustling hive of commerce, shoppers are met with a blend of familiar local establishments and small, exciting new brands. The unique model of this market allows businesses that might not have had the chance to move into a brick and mortar space an opportunity to do so alongside a wide range of brands, each one an active part of the community.

At the heart of Neighborhood Hive lies a central market space that exudes an eclectic and industrial charm, creating a canvas for each individual brand to express its unique personality. This shared space embodies a community-led atmosphere, where diverse styles converge to create a harmonious marketplace experience.

Our furniture team’s approach further enhances the dynamic atmosphere of the open warehouse space. Balancing industrial elements with the diverse personalities of the community, our team curated light, thin pieces crafted from wood and metal. The furniture thoughtfully demarcates the sprawling room, defining distinct areas for each business while maintaining an overall sense of cohesiveness and camaraderie.

One of the standout features of Neighborhood Hive is its internal windows that offer glimpses into the production processes of some of the businesses. As visitors wander through the market space, they can peer into the behind-the-scenes operations, observing coffee beans being expertly roasted or olives being pressed to produce exquisite olive oil. This interaction with the production process heightens the shopping experience, forging a stronger connection between the consumers and the brands they support.

Project No: 2059

Client: Neighborhood Hive

Completed: 2022

Budget: $500,000

Size: 4,500 SF

Architect: mow

Interiors: mow

Manage: mow

Construction: New Concepts Construction

Elec: Rocky Mtn Consulting

Mech: Shakespeare Engineers

Struc: MJ Structural

Furniture: None

Art / Brand: Neighborhood Hive

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