Marking a shift in our work during the first year of our studio’s life, this project brought us further into the world of industrial renovations, this time focusing on interiors and circulation. The project included understanding and updating the various types of spaces necessary to Grainger’s industrial operations, and finally creating a layout that supports seamless connection between the different teams at work each day.

The operations at this site can be broken down into three main categories: the warehouse, the sales floor, and the office spaces. We approached each individual space with different sets of priorities and goals, but eventually designed all three to be parts of a whole that would compliment and support one another from day to day.

The warehouse section was an exercise in designing for efficiency. We assessed and reworked the existing layout of racks on the salesroom floor, aiming to create a salesroom completely dedicated to organization and functionality. The lighting systems were also redesigned, and we fully integrated the lighting into the flow of the space rather than viewing it as a separate piece. Overall, in the warehouse space we paid special attention to existing workflows and hangups in order to design for improvement.

On the other side of the site we designed a new showroom floor. Here, our priorities were beauty and clarity, a bit of a shift from the warehouse goals. We used our experience in designing heavy-use interiors as guidance here, and aimed to create an inviting atmosphere for shoppers and salespeople alike.

To further support operations, the final piece of the puzzle was to redesign the offices for the folks working behind the scenes. After many years of regular use, the office spaces were disorganized and cramped in parts. We once again evaluated the difficulties the space was posing to those who spent the most time there, and worked closely with those users to reduce clutter and streamline circulation.

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