Designing for a major financial services new office in Murray, Utah was an exercise of balance in every detail. Created for a rapidly evolving company, the space keeps teams connected and energized using a strategic blend of areas of conversation and methods of separation. The sun-drenched space is bursting with subtle features that infuse the room with a gentle flow of energy.

We created this tenant suite as the client was experiencing the change of a recent acquisition, presenting us with exciting design constraints. As we worked with closely with various stakeholders and decision-makers, we were witness to a fascinating web of relationships that were being formed through this change. We kept these relationships in mind through our process, designing not just for productivity, but also a deep sense of interconnectedness.

When it came to finishes, we were careful to blend the existing visual language that had been built up through use in the company’s other floors with a style that looked towards the future. Our careful attention to this balance was not merely an exercise in aesthetics; it was an act of storytelling, a way of weaving together the threads of the company’s past and present into a cohesive and inspiring narrative.

The kitchen space is bright and open, prioritizing clean lines and elegant finishes that give it an elevated feeling. An inviting seating area greets guests as they enter, and is endlessly adaptable; we envisaged this area as a place where employees could unwind away from their desks, have a chat with a colleague, or wait for a guest, an area where the second one enters they can immediately feel welcomed in the office culture and made to feel completely at ease.

Individual work areas fill the wide open office space, so collaboration is easy to achieve, but each station also features sleek dividers that encourage dedicated focus. Informal meeting areas run through the center of the room, with tall dividers breaking them up and giving a sense of privacy while still filling each space with light. For a heightened sense of privacy, various closed offices and conference rooms wrap around the edges of the workspace, giving each individual room a clear view of the core of the office, further connecting each and every user to the team as a whole.

Project No: 2122

Client: Finicity / Mastercard

Completed: 2023

Budget: $1,200,000

Size: 7,500 SF

Architect: mow

Interiors: mow

Manage: Cushman Wakefield

Elec: Champion Electric

Mech: CCI Mechanical

Struc: None

Construction: SixStar Management

Furniture: Knoll

Art / Brand: None

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