Lying in a dip in the grand mountains east of Salt Lake City, face-to-face with the natural world in all its active, majestic glory, Park City is a patch of earth like no other. The people who find themselves at home in this little alpine town are adventurous, spirited, and comfortable among the trees. The city, for its own part, is growing all the time, hosting glamorous film festivals and exciting new businesses. Its blend of international activity and humble nature can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

In this mixed use building phase of the innovative Studio Crossing development coming to Park City, it was important that we designed to support both permanent residents and temporary visitors by creating a place where businesses can thrive without disrupting the everyday lives of residents living above.

Affordable homes in this building are best suited to residents who like to be at the heart of the action. Young professionals and growing families will find refuge on the upper floors of this space, with spacious, carefully designed units with mountain views. Each unit type in the community was designed with a focus on lifestyle; we know that Park City residents need their homes to allow them to be active and connected with their surroundings.

Steps away, on the ground floor, retail space will be available, ideal for restaurants, shopping, and community hubs. These businesses will serve as amenities for residents from each phase of the development, and paired with the other retail spaces at Studio Crossings will be the most exciting shopping center in Park City.

In materials as well as form, we chose to allow for details that would elevate the design, creating a piece of mountain architecture that’s more polished than rustic. Natural materials feature heavily in the facade, mirroring the visual style of the entire community. Vertical lines and pitched roofs pull the upper floors to the sky, while the retail floor conveys solidity through the use of red brick and cool toned stone, anchoring the building to the site.

The abundance of energy and activity through the entire Studio Crossing campus is on display in this mixed use phase, where affordable homes are seamlessly integrated with their surroundings. This one building encapsulates the entire development, painting the perfect picture of the vibrant community being built here.

Project No: 2233

Client: Crandall Capital

Completed: 2025

Budget: $18,000,000

Size: 96,000 SF

Architect: mow

Interiors: mow

Manage: mow

Elec: Rocky Mountain Consultants

Mech: Shakespeare Engineering

Struc: MJ Structural

Construction: Steed Construction

Furniture: None

Art / Brand: None

As seen in: Utah Business

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