Aging industrial spaces across Utah and the nation are facing challenges in maintaining their functionality and appearance. The importance of aesthetics in these industrial spaces may not be immediately apparent, but countless instances have shown that well-maintained workspaces are more likely to thrive, preventing usable buildings from falling into disrepair simply because they look outdated.

When our long-standing client, Nearon Enterprises, approached us with a proposal to update the facade of a new addition to an existing warehouse, we recognized an opportunity to showcase our team's creative problem-solving capabilities. Despite working with a limited budget and being confined to the use of paint, we were determined to find innovative solutions that would completely transform these buildings.

To achieve the best results, we explored a wide range of schemes while keeping our interventions in the facade to a minimum. Ultimately, we settled on a minimalist and clean exterior, which surprisingly breathed new life into these aging structures. By adopting a neutral color palette, we not only emphasized the surrounding landscape but also established a sense of unity among Nearon's various locations.

An exciting aspect of the project was our involvement in designing new signage. Collaborating closely with our graphics team, we developed a comprehensive set of signage options to complement the property and enhance the building's appearance. Integrating the design process for both the facade and the signage allowed us to achieve a polished and cohesive final result.

Simultaneously, we undertook two other facade transformations for Nearon—one in Northern Utah and another in Tennessee. Striving for consistency and cohesion, we employed a carefully selected palette of neutral colors that harmonized with the natural surroundings of each building.

Throughout this project, our commitment was to a value-engineered solution that not only transformed the structure but also allowed our client to save on facade costs. This freed up resources to be allocated towards lighting and landscaping, enhancing the overall appeal of the properties.

Project No: 2243

Client: Nearon Enterprises

Completed: 2023

Budget: $25,000

Size: Wayfinding

Architect: mow

Interiors: mow

Manage: mow

Elec: None

Mech: None

Struc: None

Construction: Big-D Construction

Furniture: None

Signage: YESCO

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