strategist. copywriter. world traveler.

Roxcy is our in-house copywriter and digital strategist, guiding our communication both internally and publicly. A graduate of the University of Utah’s Multi-Disciplinary Design program, Roxcy approaches her work through the lens of design and creative thinking. Originally from St. George, Utah, she is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Roxcy’s professional background spans brand management, educational technology, graphic design, and luxury fashion event production. She is adept at navigating teams of all different forms and sizes, and has clearly defined guidelines for improving communication efficiency on remote or in-person teams.

Roxcy is motivated by the people around her, and strives to understand the complex web of relationships in each project she participates in. She finds that her best work comes from a deep knowledge of context, history, and philosophy, and works to bring a process of research into even the most seemingly simple projects.

Outside of work, Roxcy can be found planning her next trip or party. A long-held love of bringing people together defines her free time, and a desire to understand new cultures draws her to a never ending pursuit of language learning and travel.

Her designer’s eye and respect for community make Roxcy an asset in engaging the public in decision making for this community center. She’s skilled at data collection and analysis, and understands the necessary approach when mapping the diverse needs of different community stakeholders.


  • 2021 University of Utah, BS Design

  • Professional Experience

  • 2022 Modern Out West, Copywriter
  • 2021 FranklinCovey, Graphic Designer
  • 2021 PRODJECT, Design Assistant
  • 2021 University of Utah, Research Assistant
  • 2020 University of Utah, Adobe Ambassador

  • Hobbies / Interests

  • Making things with my hands - knitting, sewing, embroidery
  • Watching movies in theaters
  • Reading - truly all genres
  • Travel and language learning
  • Using Format