Ricci is our multi-talented in-house photographer and digital asset creator. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, he now lives in Seattle. Ricci is driven by a love for art and a passion for visual storytelling that extends far beyond his work, showing up in every aspect of his life.

For us, a project still isn't complete with the conclusion of the construction phase. The post-construction phase, which involves digital asset creation and documentation, holds immense significance in our creative process. Ricci takes charge of this critical aspect for each project, meticulously capturing the final space in its best light. He collaborates closely with clients to align his photography with their vision, and his digital wizardry ensures the delivery of impeccably edited assets.

Ricci’s role as a photographer is an extension of his hobbies outside of work. In his free time, he’s often immersed in creative pursuits. He's interested in 3D art, writing, filmmaking, and his personal photography projects, both digital and analog, and is constantly pushing the boundaries of his skills across mediums. He’s gregarious and warm, which leads him to connect many of his hobbies to social interaction, whether that’s as a member of a disc golf team or leading a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

A kind and easygoing personality is one of Ricci’s most valuable assets. It enables him to effortlessly navigate unfamiliar environments, serving as a comforting and guiding presence to those around him while working his way through problems and new ideas. His innate curiosity and willingness to experiment make him a dynamic creative force, always open to fresh approaches in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Our team distinguishes itself through its flexible approach to projects, offering tailored documentation services that span photography, video, 3D scanning, graphic design, and more to ensure each project's success. Ricci, driven by a genuine passion for art in all its forms, eagerly embraces new mediums and methods, adapting to the individualized needs of each project.. His jack-of-all-trades persona gives him a wealth of methods to work from and his sharp eye consistently captures his subjects at their most interesting and beautiful. Ricci's versatility and unwavering commitment to excellence make him an invaluable contributor to our team's collaborative spirit.


  • University of Utah - Bachelors of Arts in Film

  • Professional Experience

  • 2020 Modern Out West - Photographer
  • 2015 Bruges Waffles and Frites - Assistant Manager
  • 2014 James E Moss Elementary - Junior Janitor

  • Service Work

  • 2020, Project Green, Event Photographer

  • Hobbies / Interests

  • Disc Golf, tournament player, but not winner yet
  • Filmmaker and Film watcher
  • Photography of all kinds
  • Music, whether that be listening, watching, or learning I will take it all.
  • Dungeon Master, World Builder, and Storyteller
  • Lover of foods, both eating and cooking
  • Using Format