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Nearon approached our design team to consider one of the industrial properties that they own, currently leased by a research company, who was undergoing a re-brand strategy and re-assessing their coloration and word mark identity. This encompassed studying multiple material palettes, and color schemes complementary to the Nearon brand standards, so that the refresh of the industrial campus was coherent across the family of properties in the Nearon portfolio.

Our team took existing rectangular forms across multiple material palettes and studied how color could unify a disparaging array of textures and linear elements. A strong horizontal band emerged as a unifying brand statement, simplifying a myriad of protrusions and elements on the facades, and ultimately created a vehicular scale element across the campus of buildings. Emphasizing the form of the research company simplification of their logo became crucial to the design palette, and creating a seamless transition between brand and building mark.


There were several functional opportunities in the remodel, including simplifying and unifying the building forms and functions across one company, one team. That became a driving concept in the design of the solution our team created. For a company that creates a huge array of crucial technology, including aerospace machinery, our idea was to keep the campus grounded with strong horizontal emphasis.

In consideration of the finish palette for the remodel, and how a graphic application could wear over time, we consulted with Sherwin Williams specialists, had multiple site visits with their team, and had crucial collaboration with both the landlord representatives and building management. The overall finish became a special industrial grade paint application, and special preparations were needed for adhering to multiple surfaces (concrete, steel, aluminum, stucco, etc). In the end a strong recoloring merged the ownership's vision for the campus with the research company re-brand. 




Arch & Interior Design Team:

Jena Boggs, Steven Walters, Trent Smith

Furniture Build Team:

Hakan Ashaboglu, Owen Butler, Jackson Wehrli

Construction Completed: July 2020

Cost per Square Foot: $65.00

Square Footage: 13,420 USF

Levels in Design: 02

Electrical Engineering: BNA Consulting

Mechanical / Plumbing : Epic Engineering

Contractor: New Concepts Construction

Electrical Contractor: GSL Electric

HVAC Contractor: Salmon HVAC


Scot Zimmerman, Malissa Mabey

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