architect. woodworker. gardener. nerd.

Kyle is a technical wizard and a detailed thinker, lending his analytical mind to many of our biggest projects and trickiest design problems. He’s been a key member of our architectural design team since joining in October 2022. Based in sunny San Diego, Kyle represents MOW on the west coast.

A hobbyist with a love for woodworking, gardening, and any activity that gets him outside, Kyle dedicates his free time to exploration, growth, and movement. He’s been enjoying the experience of becoming a new dad ever since the birth of his son Alan earlier this year, and spends most of his time outside work with his son, his wife Stephanie, and their dog, Rio.

Kyle obtained his masters of architecture at the University of New Mexico in 2019. His training has enabled him to develop a methodical, precise approach to his work, driven by his natural instinct for technical problem solving. He gives intense thought to each project that he’s a part of, and organizes his designs down to the most minute detail.

At the core of Kyle’s approach to his work is a pure love for architecture. He values the concepts and ideas of architectural theory, and enjoys applying a conceptual, artistic approach to his projects. His drive to contribute to the impressive feat that is the man-made built environment, coupled with his technical prowess and dedication to personal and cultural progress, leads him to design with a sense of devotion to the grand achievements of his field.

Balancing his love of man-made structures, Kyle gains profound joy from the natural architecture of the outdoors. He views national parks as important third spaces and strives to spend as much time as possible in nature with his family. He believes that unchecked consumption is the biggest problem the world faces, and applies this belief consistently throughout his work by aiming for timeless function and beauty in each of his projects.

Kyle’s unique way of thinking is essential to the daily function of our team. Throughout the studio, Kyle is everyone’s go-to for advice on technical problems, detailing, and building technologies. He’s consistently up-to-date on the newest advances in material science, and is always at the cutting edge of achievement in architecture.

Certifications / Memberships

  • National Certification Architectural Registration Board
  • American Institute of Architects Professional

  • Education

  • University of New Mexico - Masters of Architecture
  • Southern Illinois University - B.S. Architectural Studies

  • Professional Experience

  • 2022 Modern Out West - Architectural Designer
  • 2022 Eos Architecture - Project Manager
  • 2021 COAR Design Group - Job Captain
  • 2019 Dekker/Perich/Sabatini - Architectural Intern
  • 2017 Hurst-Rosche Inc - Architectural Intern
  • 2015 AJC Architects - CAD/Revit Technician

  • Hobbies / Interests

  • Woodworking which is more like an obsession
  • Gardening which is also more like an obsession
  • Hiking and forcing people to hike with me
  • Rock Climbing
  • Using Format