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Nearon approached our design team to take a step back, and re-imaging what a 21st century office should feel like, look like, and function. This was a great opportunity to take in the incredible palette of the existing 257 Tower Building conditions, with its incredible first floor amenities, unimpeded views of the downtown area, and wonderful concrete structural system. Our team began by pulling back the layers of the building, opening up the floor plate, and creating a series of experiential moments on a wide-open floor plate. This layout and judicious design-thinking of essential programmatic elements created anchors for a variety of work typologies and a flexible, technologically adaptive work environment. 

Overlapping a parallel series of sleek lighting pendants on a diagonal rhythm throughout the floor instantly created a sense of flow and excitement, activating the spatial relationships between floor and ceiling planes. One of the largest formal moves for the space takes place in the new suite lobby, where dramatic 12'-0" ceilings were created by removing all interstitial conflicting constructs and re-organizing the infrastructure outbound of the space. Prioritizing the visitor's very first experience entering the floors creates a truly remarkable first impression. 


There were several functional opportunities in the remodel, including re-assessing the existing restroom design. We were able to create fully ADA compliant restrooms within the existing restroom footprint, and finish upgrades throughout the core areas to keep the spaces relatable and contemporary. A new breakroom anchors the interior, creating a space of relaxation that the work spaces circumambulate around, and new access penetrations into the core keep all areas easily accessible. 

In consideration of the finish palette for the suite, we took a fresh look at all the building standards, and looked for opportunities to upgrade the user experience. Warm wood tones balance sleek gray textures throughout the concrete floors and structure. Frameless glazing created uninterrupted access to natural light. Glazing was also brought into the lobby, back-painted to reflect light into the elevator experience. New tile throughout the common areas seamlessly bleeds into the restrooms, enhancing the sense of continuation through finish design. A rich palette of tile, quartz, glass, and wood tones ultimately mix into a rich blend of subtle transitions, and overall dramatically contemporary atmosphere. 




Design Team:

Jena Boggs, Trent Smith

Furniture Team:

Hakan Ashaboglu, Owen Butler, Jackson Wehrli

Design Began: January 2020​

Construction Completed: July 2020

Cost per Square Foot: $45.00

Square Footage: 22,000 USF

Levels in Design: 01

Electrical Engineering: Spectrum Engineers

Mechanical / Plumbing : WHW Engineering

Contractor: New Concepts Construction

Electrical Contractor: GSL Electric

HVAC Contractor: Salmon HVAC


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